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Special Orders

    Specially designed orders The company Ferrari Cav. Umberto & c S.n.c. supplies its customers with standardized products of its own manufacture, but also produces specially designed orders in the field of stainless steel flanges, flow indicators and inspection portholes and sight glasses. In planning and producing these specially designed orders, we are providing our clientsRead More »Special Orders

    Stainless Steel Flanges

      FLANGES IN ACCORDANCE WITH REGULATIONS UNI / EN1092 / ANSI Our flanges are manufactured in accordance with UNI/EN1092/ANSI regulations. We only use the services of European suppliers who carry the maximum certification: EN 10 204 3.1, DIN EN 10204 3.1/01.05 as per ASTM A 182 ASTM 479 – ASTM 276 - NACE MR 0175 andRead More »Stainless Steel Flanges